Rheia Duct Design

Rheia duct designs save builders and installers time and money while providing improved energy efficiency and comfort. 

Learn how we can help you design a better balanced system for less.

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Decrease Installation by 60%

Rheia air distribution systems are engineered to be simple, saving valuable time and money. The plug-and-play system reduces installation time by up to 60%, enabling builders and installers to do more while keeping labor costs down.

Energy Efficiency Improved by 50%

Rheia duct designs outperform conventional systems in every region of the country exceeding the performance of conventional systems by as much as 50%.


What is Rheia?

Rheia is an innovative duct design system that is revolutionizing residential HVAC systems. With an emphasis on efficiency, the proprietary system is designed to perform better than traditional HVAC duct work. Rheia air distribution systems are designed for energy efficiency and provide considerable advantages to builders, installers, and code officials. 

The Rheia Difference

Rheia Duct System Benefits