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Energy Diagnostics provides consultations, inspections, testing, and third-party verification for multifamily energy code services to ensure builders meet or exceed required energy code regulations for their multifamily projects.

Developers of market-rate projects trust Energy Diagnostics to perform energy modeling, onsite testing, HVAC load calculations, and utility rebate services. 

Our team is particularly adept at providing developers and architects with the mandatory energy services associated with LIHTC and QAP-funded projects. Regardless of whether your project is seeking 4% or 9% tax credits, we are able to help guide you through the program specifically helping you satisfy the utility allowance schedule for tenant-paid utilities as well as the energy modeling for ensuring the project meets the energy requirements. Multifamily energy code services are essential for builders and developers looking to maximize their return on investment. We will work to guide you through achieving code compliance or above-code certification to maximize tax credits and utility rebates.

Our consultative approach provides guidance on various above-code certification programs to determine the path that will help your team move from application through funding with ease. Our team can provide both the energy and sustainability inspections and HVAC design, meaning that the process is more direct and streamlined for you. 

Above Code Green Building Certification Paths

HERS Rating

The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. It is also the nationally recognized system for inspecting and calculating a home’s energy performance. A certified Home Energy Rater assesses the energy efficiency of a home, assigning it a relative performance score. The lower the number, the more energy efficient the home. 

Energy Diagnostics is proud to provide rating services to certify new homes and apartments for the ENERGY STAR® label. The ENERGY STAR label on a home or apartment means that it has been designed and built to standards well above other homes in the market today. It means better quality, better comfort, and better durability. It also means that the home is a better value for today and a better investment for tomorrow. The ENERGY STAR label gives homeowners and building owners the peace of mind that their home has undergone a better process for inspections, testing, and verification to ensure that it meets strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Apartment building

Enterprise Green Communities is the nation’s only national green building program designed explicitly for green affordable housing construction. All projects seeking Green Communities Certification must meet mandatory criteria.


The National Green Building Standard (NGBS) is the first residential green building rating system to be approved by the ANSI as an American National Standard. NGBS Green Certification verifies that a home, building, or land development is designed and built to achieve high performance in six key areas: Site Design, Resource Efficiency, Water Efficiency, Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, and Building Operation & Maintenance.

A DOE Zero Energy Ready Home is a high-performance home that is so energy efficient that a renewable energy system could offset most or all the home’s annual energy use. Each DOE Zero Energy Ready Home meets rigorous efficiency and performance criteria found in the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home National Program Requirements. Most types of new homes in the U.S. are eligible to participate in the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home program, and the homes are verified by a qualified third party, such as Energy Diagnostics, as part of the certification process. DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes are eligible to qualify for the 45L tax credit.

LEED Certification

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Available for virtually all building types, LEED provides a framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings. LEED certification is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership.

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