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Energy Diagnostics provides energy code compliance, HVAC design, 45L tax credit certification, and green building certifications to builders, developers, architects, and HVAC professionals throughout Maryland. Our team of RESNET-certified energy raters, air sealers, and ACCCA-accredited HVAC designers work to provide energy efficiency solutions throughout the state providing guidance to ensure their buildings meet the rigorous standards outlined in the Maryland state energy code. 

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Energy Diagnostics is dedicated to improving the efficiency, environmental impact, and comfort of residential and commercial buildings.

For 30 years, we have helped optimize residential building performance through our comprehensive energy efficiency services. We draw on our diverse experience on thousands of projects to provide customized solutions for your specific energy efficiency needs.

Builders today face rising construction costs and strict environmental standards. With Energy Diagnostics, you can increase each home’s energy efficiency without changing design or quality, and can also provide homebuyers with a house that will have low heating and cooling bills for years to come.

Energy Diagnostics is a nationally recognized energy rating company providing comprehensive solutions to achieve energy code compliance with ease. Our services provide builders with the tools to design and construct high-performing buildings while ensuring that homeowners benefit from cost-savings, greater comfort, and improved air quality. We also provide evaluations on a home’s energy performance to determine if it qualifies for a 45L tax credit.


Our team of green building experts provides consultations, inspections, testing, and third-party verification for single and multifamily residential projects.

With extensive experience in above-code requirements for LIHTC and QAP-funded projects, we help developers navigate the green building certification requirements of a multitude of above-code programs, such as:

Our ACCA-accredited HVAC designers are capable of performing Manual J, D, S, and N load calculations to ensure your next project’s HVAC systems is sized and ducted properly for maximum efficiency.

Experts in traditional and Rheia duct design, we offer preliminary design services, energy modeling, cost engineering, and expert guidance to HVAC installers, builders, and developers.  


The 45L tax credit incentivizes builders, developers, and contractors to design and construct energy-efficient homes.  IRS Code Section 45L provides up to $5,000 in Federal tax credits for each qualifying housing unit.

Energy Diagnostics has an extensive staff of RESNET accredited certifiers and energy modelers prepared to perform on-site inspection and verification services to determine if your property qualifies for the 45L tax credit. Contact us today to see if your project qualifies for $2,000-$5,000 per unit in energy-efficient tax credits.

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