Energy Diagnostics S.T.A.R.T. Process


S.T.A.R.T. stands for the following: 

  • Set expectations: Assess current products and practices to establish customer goals and expectations.
  • Tailor product designs: Model product to meet the desired objectives with cost-effective measures. 
  • Assess current practices: Guide clients through the process while ensuring that all targets are being met.
  • Resolve concerns: Address issues and trends with detailed solutions.
  • Target progress opportunities: Conduct ongoing reviews to identify additional opportunities and service effectiveness.

Who Is Energy Diagnostics Inc.?

Founded in 1992, we have continuously operated with one mission in mind: Healthy Homes and Happy Families! We lead the way to better buildings through commercial energy code compliance, residential code compliance, multifamily utility analysis, and Energy Star and Green certifications.

What Do We Do?

In multifamily buildings such as apartment complexes, we can use tools to provide clients with utility analysis reporting. Our residential code compliance programs enable energy-efficient homes to be built at or above code using the industry's best strategies and practices. We also offer services for many code compliance programs. 

Residential Resources

We offer a rigorous process that enables the Energy Diagnostics team to assist the construction process through code compliance and above-code certification. We start by performing an insulation inspection and verifying you're meeting specific criteria. Criteria include effective air barriers, properly installed insulation, and ample air sealing. Next, we'll conduct an air leakage test, also known as a blower door test, to check for air duct leakage. We use these results to complete a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rating.

Using the S.T.A.R.T. program, we can provide you with a HERS rating, representing your home's energy-efficiency value. This assessment will outline your home's specific energy features, expected energy usage, and estimated annual energy cost. You'll then receive a report rating your home's energy efficiency.

Additional residential services include:

  • Performing REScheck reports: The Energy Diagnostics team will perform duct testing and blower door testing as required by individual state energy codes. 
  • Referencing Manuals J, D, and S: We have our own in-house ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America)-accredited HVAC systems for residential services designed for state energy code requirements. 
  • Conducting energy-efficient home tax credit inspections: We can help you claim up to $2,000 in additional tax savings if your home meets the criteria.

At Energy Diagnostics Inc., our S.T.A.R.T. program concentrates on providing quality energy diagnostics services as we focus on our residential and commercial clients' needs. As an independent consulting company, we perform inspections, testing, and energy modeling services.
Whether you're a residential or commercial property owner or a builder, we can help you with all of your energy diagnostics needs, thanks to our S.T.A.R.T. program. If you're ready to go green, reach out to us today at (219) 245-5957 to get started.

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Commercial Resources

Our commercial services range from projects involving the construction of new multifamily units to ensuring current buildings are up to code. Our team is here to help, using specialized, modern tools to determine energy usage by unit and throughout a building. Factors that go into consideration include maximum occupancy, appliances, lighting fixtures, unit sizes, and building location. 

We place a primary focus on commercial energy code compliance and evaluations to ensure that your building meets the International Energy Conservation Code. Primary considerations include lighting, HVAC systems, and building envelopes comprising doors, floors, and windows. Our professional staff will work with you to ensure you're meeting these requirements using COMcheck software to interact with contractors and government officials.  

We can help you pursue qualifications for federal green loan programs. Our professionals can help you secure financing for improvements to your multifamily structure by providing green solution plans. We'll review your water and energy consumption for an existing structure and identify areas that would benefit from installing energy-efficient windows and lights. 

We also focus on energy certifications. Some of the verifications we provide include the following:

  • National Green Building Standard (NGBS) concerns the availability, quality, and environmental stability of communities and residential homes. The NGBS offers certifications for multifamily buildings and land development. 
  • Energy Star is a program under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This organization will work with owners of commercial buildings to manage energy consumption. 
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a part of the U.S. Green Building Council and awards certificates based on factors such as energy and water savings, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, sustainable site choices, and indoor environmental qualities. 

Builder Services

Energy Diagnostics is pleased to be a source of builder services for energy efficiency. We take pride in providing you with information about various services, including:

  • Providing information about room blocking and air barriers: These details are vital when it comes to blocking and installing air barriers correctly. Installing these air barriers improperly can lead to frozen pipes, energy loss, and discomfort in your home during cold weather. We can provide information on how to properly install an air barrier and then explain the differences that exist in grades of insulation.
  • Detailing the significance of duct sealing: Duct sealing is necessary for an HVAC system to perform properly. Framing members, floor penetrations, connections, and factory seams must be sealed correctly. This sealing includes the filter slot, coil, cabinet, trunk, and plenum. You can use a variety of products such as caulk, tape, and mastic for sealing. 

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