Michigan Energy Code Compliance

When designing a new home, building a new commercial property, or renovating an older structure here in Michigan, you want to make sure your property is compliant with the Michigan state energy code. At Energy Diagnostics, we provide both residential and commercial energy code compliance services as well as green building certifications for commercial structures. Since 1992, our goal has been to protect the environment for future generations by lowering energy consumption and reducing pollutants. 

With a team of residential and commercial energy experts, we work hard to provide energy-efficient solutions and ensure that the buildings we evaluate meet the demanding standards defined by the state of Michigan. Our various testing and analysis options will ensure your building not only meets or exceeds state energy codes but also takes the most advantageous pathway to compliance for your particular company or business.

What Is Energy Compliance?

Residential and commercial buildings use a set amount of energy to operate effectively. Structures that are compliant with energy codes are more energy-efficient and use less energy than their noncompliant counterparts. Energy codes can improve the comfort of the occupants, increase overall energy independence, and reduce harmful emissions and pollutants.

Those who design and construct commercial buildings or residential properties are initially responsible for maintaining compliance with Michigan's energy codes. With regard to houses, a licensed builder or architect will include various energy-compliant features and systems into the initial design. When designing commercial structures, a team of professionals that understand the state's energy codes will work energy compliance into the overall design as well. This may include but is not limited to: the building shell, electrical systems, and commercial lighting.

Why Is Energy Code Compliance a Priority?

Energy codes are a fairly new standard. The first energy codes were introduced in the United States in the 1970s. Several building codes such as structural or fire have existed for hundreds of years. They protect occupants from fires, floods, and collapsed buildings. With the advent of environmental responsibility in more recent years, energy code compliance has become an essential priority.

In the state of Michigan, buildings consume 50% of Michigan's energy. Building energy codes were created as a cost-effective measure to reduce the amount of energy used by commercial and residential structures. Energy codes reduce the energy burden by lowering overall energy use and can improve indoor air quality, resulting in a more comfortable and healthier workplace.

What Are the Benefits of Building Energy Codes?

Building energy codes and energy code compliance provides five main benefits that positively influence homeowners, the building industry, the energy industry, and Michigan municipalities.

  • Reducing energy consumption. By saving on energy use, occupants and owners can save on overall utility bills such as electricity, gas, and heat.
  • Maintaining indoor temperatures. Insulation and efficient window requirements allow residents to maintain the indoor temperature better in both cold and hot weather. Energy code compliance can also reduce the pressure on the energy grid and improve overall energy reliability.
  • Improving air quality. By properly sealing the building shell and envelope, harmful indoor pollutants are reduced, lowering the energy demand and reducing pollution from generating power. This improves the air quality both indoors and outdoors.
  • Maintaining comfort levels. When indoor temperatures are maintained, indoor comfort levels are also improved. This can help boost productivity and mental health for owners and occupants.

Adding more jobs. Energy efficiency is a significant source of employment for Michigan residents. The energy efficiency industry supports more than 85,000 jobs in Michigan.

How Can Energy Diagnostics Help You Meet Code Compliance?

At Energy Diagnostics, we are committed to assisting both residential and commercial building owners to improve the efficiency of their properties and lower the overall impact that operating these buildings has on the environment. We have experience in providing customized energy code compliance solutions for all of your specific energy needs.

Commercial and Multi-Family Energy Code Compliance Services

With our green building experts, Energy Diagnostics can help you meet the code compliance of Michigan energy standards through our consulting, inspections, testing, and third-party verification services.

  • Energy Star homes. We can assist in helping your property earn ENERGY STAR certification by ensuing it meets strict energy efficiency requirements.
  • Home Energy Rating System (HERS). One of our certified Home Energy Raters will evaluate the energy efficiency of the structure for its overall energy code compliance.
  • Enterprise Green Communities. If you are seeking a Green Communities Certification, our energy code compliance team will check that your property meets all mandatory criteria set forth by this green building initiative.
  • NGBS green certification. Our National Green Building Standard (NGBS) experts will verify that your structure has achieved high performance in site design, resource efficiency, water efficiency, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and building operation and maintenance.

LEED certification. We can help you attain LEED certification, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, a framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings, for your commercial property or structure.

Residential Energy Code Compliance Services

Energy Diagnostics provides third-party analysis and certification for homeowners and residential building owners. We help homeowners benefit from cost savings, improved comfort, and and better air quality, and assist the residential construction industry in designing and building energy efficient structures.

Energy code compliance. Our energy-efficiency experts assess your home for energy code compliance using a variety of tests and analysis measures. If any variances are discovered, we will work with you to find the best solution.

Above code and green building certifications. We assess your home or residential property to help you meet certifications such as Energy Star, National Green Building Standards, and Enterprise Green Communities.

Manual J, D, and S load calculations. Our ACCA-accredited HVAC designers will work to ensure your home's HVAC design can effectively heat and cool your home.

Blower door and air duct testing. With specialized air flow and pressure measuring devices, we will examine the efficiency of the building envelope.

Air sealing. Our team will reduce drafts and improve the indoor air quality by air sealing your home.

Request a proposal today for any of our commercial or residential energy code compliance solutions. We look forward to helping your particular home, commercial building, or property meet or exceed code compliance according to Michigan's energy standards.