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Energy Diagnostics has provided energy code compliance and green building certifications to countless builders and developers throughout Michigan. Our team of residential and commercial energy raters, air sealers, and HVAC designers work to provide energy efficiency solutions throughout the state providing guidance to ensure their building's meet the rigorous standards outlined in the Michigan state energy code

Whether you are designing a new home or building, remodeling an existing residence, or ensuring your home is as energy efficient as possible, Energy Diagnostics is here to help. We also specialize in certifying the green building components that are required with LIHTC funding to help ensure that developers of multi-family projects can create sustainable buildings that strengthen communities.

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Our Services

Energy Diagnostics is dedicated to improving the efficiency, environmental impact, and comfort of residential and commercial buildings.

For nearly 30 years, we have helped builders and developers optimize the performance of their projects by providing energy code compliance services. We draw on our diverse experience on hundreds of projects to provide customized solutions for your specific energy efficiency needs. Energy Diagnostics offers services such as blower door and air duct testing, air sealing, and HVAC load calculations. We also offer services to commercial builders to ensure that their projects are up to code and energy-efficient.

Builders today face rising construction costs and strict environmental standards. With Energy Diagnostics, you can increase each home’s energy efficiency without changing design or quality, and can also provide homebuyers with a house that will have low heating and cooling bills for years to come. 

Do you want to ensure your home or project is energy efficient and cost effective? Call us today to request a proposal! You can read more about our residential and commercial services below.

LEED Certification
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Energy Efficient New Build

Energy Diagnostics is a nationally recognized energy rating company providing third-party residential analysis and certification. Our services provide builders with the tools to design and construct high performing buildings, while ensuring that homeowners benefit from the cost-savings, greater comfort, and improved air quality. We also provide evaluations on a home’s energy performance to determine if it qualifies for a 45L tax credit.

Residential Services


Our team of green building experts provides consultations, inspections, testing, and third-party verification for multifamily and commercial green building certification programs. 

Well versed in LIHTC and QAP funding, we help developers navigate the green building certification requirements of a multitude of above-code programs, such as:

Energy Code & Program Compliance Difficulties?