Cantilever Code Compliance Guide 

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Good Examples

  • A good air barrier (Prevents unconditioned air from getting into house)
  • Foamed/Caulked (ANY seams that can allow cold air in)
  • Bay filled with fiberglass/spray foam (must be in contact with top & bottom of bay)
  • Under side of cantilever has foam board/air barrier (more sealing to prevent air from coming in)

Factory Seems, Connections, Penetrations, and Framing Members all need to be sealed

Step 1

Cantivelers - Step 1

Step 2

Cantivelers - Step 2

Step 3

Cantivelers - Step 3


Cantivelers - Diagram


NOT sealed,

no insulation

Cantivelers - Not Sealed

Vents/exhausts that are not vented to the outside

Cantivelers - Not Vented

Open bays, not enough insulation

Cantivelers - Not Enough Insulation

Could cause mold/rotting problems within cavity, etc.